Release process

This section defines the release process for the maintainers of the project. * Merge pull requests to the release branch.

  • Every commit pushed to the Origin repo will kick off the ocelot-build project in AppVeyor. This performs the same tasks as the command line build, and in addition pushes the packages to the unstable nuget feed.
  • When you’re ready for a release, create a release branch. You’ll probably want to update the committed ./ based on the contents of the equivalent file in the ./artifacts directory.
  • When the release branch has built successfully in Appveyor, select the build and then Deploy to the GitHub Release environment. This will create a new release in GitHub.
  • In Github, navigate to the release. Modify the release name and tag as desired.
  • When you’re ready, publish the release. This will tag the commit with the specified release number.
  • The ocelot-release project will detect the newly created tag and kick off the release process. This will download the artifacts from GitHub, and publish the packages to the stable nuget feed.
  • When you have a final stable release build, merge the release branch into master and develop. Deploy the master branch to github and following the full release process as described above. Don’t forget to uncheck the “This is a pre-release” checkbox in GitHub before publishing.
  • Note - because the release builds are initiated by tagging a commit, if for some reason a release build fails in AppVeyor you’ll need to delete the tag from the repo and republish the release in GitHub.