Middleware Injection and Overrides

Warning use with caution. If you are seeing any exceptions or strange behavior in your middleware pipeline and you are using any of the following. Remove them and try again!

When setting up Ocelot in your Startup.cs you can provide some additonal middleware and override middleware. This is done as follos.

var configuration = new OcelotPipelineConfiguration
    PreErrorResponderMiddleware = async (ctx, next) =>
        await next.Invoke();


In the example above the provided function will run before the first piece of Ocelot middleware. This allows a user to supply any behaviours they want before and after the Ocelot pipeline has run. This means you can break everything so use at your own pleasure!

The user can set functions against the following.

  • PreErrorResponderMiddleware - Already explained above.
  • PreAuthenticationMiddleware - This allows the user to run pre authentication logic and then call Ocelot’s authentication middleware.
  • AuthenticationMiddleware - This overrides Ocelots authentication middleware.
  • PreAuthorisationMiddleware - This allows the user to run pre authorisation logic and then call Ocelot’s authorisation middleware.
  • AuthorisationMiddleware - This overrides Ocelots authorisation middleware.
  • PreQueryStringBuilderMiddleware - This alows the user to manipulate the query string on the http request before it is passed to Ocelots request creator.

Obviously you can just add middleware as normal before the call to app.UseOcelot() It cannot be added after as Ocelot does not call the next middleware.